Lead the Domestic Market for CCTV Export Security System

CCTV Video Export Security/Asset Management

Provides various features needed for the security of CCTV video exports, CCTV asset management, password management, and AI masking of personal information

CCTV Video Export Security Solution

Provide personal information masking, leak prevention watermarks, file encryption,

and a dedicated player for exporting CCTV footage

Convenient Management

  • Manage entire logs for registraion, application, approval, and export
  • Provide usage status / chart
  • Promptly use right after installation

Privacy Masking Function

  • Track moving objects for
    privacy masking
  • Batch masking through automatic object tracking
  • Customizable masking objects

Invisible(Forensic) Watermark

  • Insert invisible watermarks
  • Trace the source of leaks in case of illegal video distribution
  • Automatically insert watermarks through the system

Video Security (DRM)

  • Use encryption modules verified by the National Intelligence Service
  • Auto-delete upon expiration
  • Provide capture prevention to prevent illegal copying

Video Integrity Verification

(Patant No. 10-1855905)

  • Detect tampering in distributed videos
  • Authenticate evidence videos during analysis and prosecution submission

Dedicated Player

  • Configurable player settings
  • Set viewing count and viewing period
  • Equipped with National Intelligence Service verified encryption modules

AI Masking Solution for Protecting Personal Information

A solution that auto-detects and masks faces, objects, etc., in videos containing personal information during export.

Personal Information Masking

  • Masking for still images
  • Automatically track and mask moving objects
  • Automatic tracking of objects that need masking

Various Customization Features

  • Provide masking object setting features
  • Provide manual masking/unmasking features
  • Provide batch masking for configured objects

CCTV Password Security Solution

Manage the issuance, operation, and usage of CCTV passwords to comply with privacy laws and

ensure the security of various personal information.

Various Management Menus

  • Manage member registration and fingerprint enrollment
  • Manage user permissions and logs
  • Manage camera lists, registrations

Convenient CCTV Management

  • Manage basic information such as manufacturer, model name
  • Record account activation status
  • Provide dual security for login

Easy Password and OTP Management

  • Request account reset and password
  • Check password change history
  • Provide OTP request verification and approval/rejection, auto disposal

CCTV Asset Management Solution

Easily manage all assets such as CCTV, incidents, control logs, and personnel in the CCTV control center

CCTV Management

  • Display CCTV loacations on a map
  • Batch register CCTV equipment information, intergrate information
  • Display maintenance company info

Business Management

  • Manage project, contractor registration / construction progress
  • Status of poles, CCTV, emergency bells, and equipment by region
  • Assign and manage IP address

Incident Management

  • Register incident types and details
  • Register incident handling results for reported incidents
  • Display incident handling status for reported incidents

Control Logs

  • Submit and approve control logs
  • Manage control performance by personnel
  • Download control logs as PDFs

Personnel Management

  • Register and manage personnel information
  • Schedule shifts and working hours
  • Manage attendance and payroll

Control Dashboard

  • Statistics on CCTV equipment status
  • Statistics by incident type
  • Statistics on personnel access

CCTV Misuse Prevention Solution

A solution to systematically respond to the risks of indiscriminate access, arbitrary manipulation, and external export of video information and key systems in the integrated CCTV control center.

Real-Time Features

  • Support real-time, streaming format monitoring dashboard
  • Real-time analysis of system logs from NAC, VMS, etc.
  • Admin alert function for misuse incidents (Agent)

User Management Features

  • Manage history of misuse incidents
  • Statistics and reporting features
  • Set menu access based on user permissions

Misuse Audit Features

  • Audit features for unauthorized access
  • Audit feature for access outside working hours
  • Audit feature for downloads and video duplication

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