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[Cyber Security Insights] Why is digital rights management important?

With the advent of the IT era, a vast amount of digital content is being produced. 

Various types of content are created and shared by many people. Due to the nature of digital content, it can be duplicated without any loss of quality and can be distributed widely and quickly. However, these characteristics also lead to problems such as forgery and tampering. These issues negatively impact copyright protection and the production of high-quality content.

Not only media content but also documents generated by companies face the problem of forgery and tampering. Many documents are produced and shared externally during business processes, making it challenging for companies to manage them individually. 

To address these issues, DRM solutions are used. Let's explore how DRM solutions protect documents.

What is DRM (Digital Rights Management)?

DRM stands for Digital Rights Management, a technology used to protect and manage the copyrights of digital content. As you may know, digital content refers to various forms of content that exist in digital data format, including text, audio, images, and videos, as well as documents used in schools or businesses such as Word, Hangul, and PowerPoint. Therefore, DRM is used to prevent the leakage and misuse of works like documents, music, and video files, and to protect copyrights. You can understand it as a service for preventing illegal copying of content, imposing usage fees, managing distribution, and ensuring document security within enterprises. 

Enterprise Document Security with DRM

In enterprises, DRM manages the individual rights of documents. It encrypts all files used by employees and controls permissions for each file. If someone does not have the granted access rights, neither external nor internal employees can view the file. This way, all processes, including the creation, management, distribution, and disposal of key information within the enterprise, are controlled. Encryption is provided throughout the data lifecycle, so even if data is leaked, the content can be protected.

 Ongoing Leakage of Important Corporate Data

The issue of leaking key technologies continues to trouble companies across various tech-related industries in Korea. Since 2016, there have been 142 cases of overseas leakage of industrial technologies, including semiconductors and electronics. The National Intelligence Service estimated the economic damage to companies over the past five years at 25 trillion won. Considering undetected leaks, the actual damage could be tens of trillions of won. As technology leakage becomes more severe, domestic companies are developing countermeasures. Samsung Electronics, for instance, is reportedly enhancing its security management system for internal document management, network vulnerabilities, and hacking.

MarkAny's DRM solution is a leading document security solution chosen by over 600 clients in the public, financial, and manufacturing sectors. It provides robust encryption to protect all documents created within a company, including office documents, Hancom files, CAD files, and image files (PNG, JPG, JPEG). Encrypted documents can only be accessed by authorized internal users, ensuring that external competitors or third parties cannot steal internal information.

Who uses DRM?

  • Sensitive internal confidential documents must be protected from external leaks.
  • Monitoring the use and distribution of internal documents is essential.
  • Unauthorized sharing and distribution of internal documents must be prevented.

why is it used?

  • DRM allows companies to lock all data, including documents, PDFs, files, and images created internally, preventing external access and leaks.
  • When data is exported, the decryption history is recorded, making it easy to monitor and identify the source of any leaks.
  • DRM ensures the safe protection of important internal information and technologies.


Why MarkAny DRM is Special

MarkAny DRM is the most suitable document encryption solution for a zero-trust environment.

  • Versatile Operating Environments: Compatible with Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, and cloud environments.
  • Support for Remote Work: Provides a secure remote work environment through VPN, VDI, network integration, and SaaS integration.
  • Structured and Unstructured Data Encryption: Capable of encrypting not only document files but also media, CAD files, source code, and unstructured data.

MarkAny offers a comprehensive endpoint document security solution to protect confidential documents and data for businesses and institutions. Even if ransomware attacks lead to data breaches, unauthorized personnel cannot access the files. It supports both internal and external remote environments, ensuring strong protection for corporate networks anytime, anywhere. Over 600 domestic companies in public, financial, manufacturing, and distribution sectors already trust MarkAny solutions.

If you need a solution to securely protect your corporate data, 

consider partnering with MarkAny!

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